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Painting the town red: New 'red zones' pop up at some Vancouver bus stops

Last Updated Oct 2, 2019 at 6:51 pm PDT


The City of Vancouver has painted the areas in front of some bus stops red to deter cars stopping

If the "red zone" pilot project is successful, Vancouver will expand the painted areas to more bus stops around the city

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The City of Vancouver is piloting painted pavement at a few key bus stops to cut down on cars stopping in front of buses.

That has some Vancouverites seeing red. The roadway in front of some bus stops, painted a bright scarlet, is supposed to keep cab drivers, delivery drivers and others from stopping in areas that will interfere with bus service.

In a tweet, the city says a single car stopped in a bus zone can slow down hundreds of people on their commute.

Some Twitter users responded saying the paint has a strong odour, while others pointed out that there is not adequate parking for delivery and commercial drivers in the city.

One user tweeted suggesting getting rid of parking on Broadway altogether, creating designated bus lanes.

Others said they found the paint “visually rather overwhelming,” but one countered they had seen the paint while driving and found it a good reminder not to stop.

While only a few stops have the red paint now, the city says if the number of cars is reduced, the city says it will expand the number of locations.