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Do Canadians have a Right To Be Forgotten online?

The Google logo at a gadgets show in Paris. June 16, 2017. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Thibault Camus

In today’s Big Story podcast, it’s 2019. By now plenty of Canadians have humiliating results in Google searches for their name. But do we need a process for making those listings disappear?

The European Union has one—it’s called the Right To Be Forgotten. And there’s currently a debate in public and in the courts, over whether or not Canada needs such a framework. But if we did have it, who would get to exercise that right? Who would decide if a piece of information should vanish from Google or not? And … should we even be allowed to hide true results about us online?

GUEST: Michael Geist, Law Professor, University of Ottawa, online privacy specialist

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