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Will Quebec change its mind? And change the election?

People attend a demonstration to protest against the Quebec government's Bill 21 in Montreal, Monday, June 17, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

In today’s Big Story podcast, right now, polls indicate the Liberals hold a solid lead in Quebec. But if there’s one place where voters can decide to ditch a party quickly, it’s La Belle Province. They’ve done it many times before. And Quebec matters so much to this election’s outcome that not even the most progressive parties are willing to meddle in the province’s discriminatory Bill 21.

So what could change the minds of Quebecers, then? Why have they stuck so firmly in Justin Trudeau’s camp so far? Could the Bloc Quebecois, well, block the Conservatives from gaining enough ground here to win? Oh, and what the heck happened to the NDP presence in Quebec—the massive surge that propelled them to official opposition status less than a decade ago?

GUEST: Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press

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