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Support grows for NDP in B.C., with party now sitting in second place: poll

Last Updated Oct 18, 2019 at 9:49 am PDT

File photo. (Courtesy Jagmeet Singh/Twitter)

Support is growing for the NDP in British Columbia, according to a new poll from Insights West

Insights West says the New Democrats have pushed the Liberals out of second spot when it comes to voter support

Results come as a national poll suggests the vote is too close to call ahead of Monday

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Conservatives appear to be ahead in B.C., but the surprise is which party is in second.

A poll from Insights West shows the Tories have the support of 27 per cent of voters. It says the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer have held a “steady lead” in B.C. in all three of its polls this election campaign, “though not an unsurmountable one.”

Next up isn’t the Liberal Party, but rather the NDP.

Insights West says the New Democrats have made a “breakthrough,” pushing the Liberals aside and garnering 23 per cent of voter support. The Grits only receive 20 per cent of voter support among British Columbians, the poll found.

The NDP’s numbers are up from 14 per cent in mid-September, and according to the pollster, it appears to come at the expense of the Greens, who are down to 11 per cent support from 14 just last month. Undecided voters making up their minds appears to have also contributed to the NDP’s surge in support.

According to the results, Insights West says it looks like support for the NDP is coming from women, younger voters, and voters along the coastal areas of Metro Vancouver, as well as Vancouver Island.

“Our latest poll results are welcome news for the NDP and Jagmeet Singh, but before anyone breaks out the champagne, the key in this election as it has been in several in recent memory across Canada is voter turnout,” says Insights West President Steve Mossop. “More often than their older cohorts, young voters have a tendency to stay home come election day. As the advance polls have already suggested, Conservative voter turnout is something that party can bank on much more so than any other party.”

These results come as a DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll suggests the Conservatives hold a razor’s edge lead over the Liberals nationally.