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Local police Twitter-shame excessive speeders

Last Updated Oct 24, 2019 at 6:39 am PDT

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A new survey finds 41 per cent of respondents are likely to check their phone at a light

Police in the Lower Mainland are taking to Twitter to publicly shame speeding motorists

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Huge fines hurt, but how does a good old-fashioned public shaming sound for discouraging excessive speeders? Some local police offices are using social media to spotlight bad decisions behind the wheel.

They’re not naming names, but Coquitlam Mounties are not shy about highlighting how a man was caught going close to twice the limit on the Mary Hill Bypass, getting his grandma’s car impounded.

Delta Police also tweeted about a motorcyclist tagged at 176 km/h on Highway 99, clueless that he had blasted pass a police car and claiming he was unaware of his speed.

“[A] $483 ticket may or may not enlighten him. When his insurance goes up he’ll get another reminder,” the tweet said.

Meanwhile, a national survey from an insurance company highlights how distracted driving is still a significant problem on our roads.

Anne Marie Thomas with InsuranceHotline.com says she sees it all the time, and believes the number of people on their phones behind the wheel is actually greater than the 26 per cent who admit to it.

“Whether I’m walking or whether I’m driving, you can see people with their heads down. There’s a look people have when you know they’re checking their cellphone,” she tells NEWS 1130.

The survey — released during Teen Driver Safety Week — finds 41 per cent of respondents say they are likely to check their messages while stopped at a traffic light and more than half say they use a navigational app while driving.

“I would suggest to all parents that they lead by example. When we, as parents, get in the car, put that phone down,” says Thomas. “Don’t pick it up while driving.”