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One man’s fight to get clean offers a view inside the opioid crisis

Screenshot from "Saving Rabbit", a film by Karen Wookey.

In today’s Big Story podcast, Rabbit is a user. But he doesn’t want to be. He wants to get clean, and he tries. Hard. But it’s not easy. Rabbit’s story, told in a new documentary, displays the contradictory approaches available in the crisis from helping users change their lives completely, as opposed to keeping them safe while they fight to do it themselves.

Is it better that Rabbit can work at a needle exchange program, because it helps ensure he’s using clean needles? Or does that just keep him enmeshed in the lifestyle that leads to drug use? And if he does want to go to rehab…how does he do it? Beds are scarce and help is hard to find. Perhaps the best way to understand the crisis is to go beyond the statistics and help those in the middle of it tell their stories.

GUEST: Karen Wookey, Producer and Co-Director of “Saving Rabbit”

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