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Surrey RV park evicting more than 100 people investigated by tenancy branch: councillors

Last Updated Nov 6, 2019 at 2:13 pm PDT

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Accused of trying to evict more than a hundred tenants, a Surrey RV Park is now under investigation

Some city councillors concerned about what this means for those living there

Surrey council voted to ban sleeping in trailers on city streets overnight earlier this week

SURREY (NEWS 1130) – A Surrey RV Park accused of trying to evict more than a hundred tenants citing a city bylaw is now being investigated by the Residential Tenancy Branch.

According to Surrey city councillor Linda Annis, the operators of Peace Arch RV Park are relying on a bylaw passed decades ago which limits RV parking to 182 days.

She says it hasn’t been actively used in years.

“There was an obscure bylaw that the city has that I don’t think anyone, quite frankly, at city hall was aware of, it’s so old, ” she says.

Annis says she’s worried about what will happen to the people living there, suggesting that the bylaw needs to change.

“I have a great amount of empathy for them,” she says. “Everyone deserves to have a home. A lot of these people have lived within that community for quite some time, and they’ve established a neighbourhood for themselves.”

Peace Arch RV Park. (Source: Google Maps, screenshot)

Coun. Jack Hundial says the eviction notices came after the landlord tried to increase the rents.

Now he’s concerned about what will happen to the park’s residents if they’re kicked out.

“These are people that are long term residents there, mostly elderly, and obviously they have concerns – especially this time of year,” he says.

“In one of the cases, it’s an elderly gentleman. He’s been there as a long-term resident. He really has no other place to go, and that’s not an uncommon occurence from what we’ve heard from other residents in these situations.”

B.C.’s ministry of housing says the RTB’s compliance unit is investigating, but isn’t giving details.

Some RV parks fall under tenancy laws, but it depends on whether these are long-term or short-term stays.

This week, Surrey councillors voted to ban people from sleeping in trailers on city streets overnight.