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Why there’s no such thing as sticking to sports

An employee of the website Deadspin shows a logo at their office in Manhattan, New York on November 1, 2018. (Photo by John Taggart for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

In today’s Big Story podcast, you may have heard of Deadspin. In fact, you probably have. Well, now it’s dead. The site’s entire staff resigned last week after its management insisted they stick to sports, and avoid the politics and lifestyle writing that made the site so beloved. But here’s the thing—sports is about politics, and lifestyle and culture, and everything else.

“Stick to sports” is both an insult and a rallying cry—but what do people mean when they say it? What kind of sports stories are only sports? And what happens when you try to force talented storytellers to stick to a single aspect of their profession?

GUEST: Donnovan Bennett, Sportsnet

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