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The Gravy Train Episode 3: Ford wins Mayoral race, now what?

Last Updated Nov 7, 2019 at 6:56 am PST

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ducks media as he returns to court after lunch during day one of his conflict of interest case. (Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Rob Ford has won the mayoral race, but now what? Episode three of the Gravy Train follows the turbulent first couple years of Ford’s time as Mayor as he attempts to govern the largest city in Canada and the whispers about his substance abuse issues.

Host and Producer Jordan Heath Rawlings speaks once again with Ford adviser Nick Kouvalis and Adam Chaleff, who led the fight against bringing to light campaign finance discrepancies and donations to The Rob Ford Football foundation.

You can listen to episode 3, Whispers, here:

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Watch some of the moments captured by CityNews cameras during Ford’s time as Mayor:

You can find more details on some of the events referenced in the podcast in the stories below, originally published during Ford’s time as Mayor:

December 1, 2010: Rob Ford’s First Day

October 27, 2011: Rob Ford accused of swearing at 911 dispatcher

November 26, 2012: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ousted from office

TIMELINE: Ford’s conflict-of-interest case