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Greek counterterror operation yields 3 arrests, arms cache

ATHENS, Greece — Greek authorities say they have arrested three people and detained a further 15 in a “wide sweep” by the police’s counterterrorism squad on suspected left-wing extremists that also yielded an arms cache.

Another person is at large, police announced Saturday.

Two of those arrested, and the one at large, face charges of engaging in terrorist action, illegal possession of firearms and explosives, and forgery. The three allegedly took part in a robbery on a betting shop in an Athens suburb on Oct. 21, police say.

The counterterror squad’s sweep through 13 houses yielded, among other things, five AK-47 rifles, a submachine gun, two pistols, grenades, explosives and detonators.

One of the arrested men was jailed in 2010 for membership in the armed group “Revolutionary Struggle.” He was released early in February 2018.

The Associated Press