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Veterans mark Remembrance Day at Vancouver's Victory Square

Last Updated Nov 11, 2019 at 1:54 pm PDT

(NEWS 1130 photo, Martin MacMahon)

The ceremony at Victory Square in Vancouver includes a pipe band, two minutes of silence and a 21-gun salute

Several Veterans told NEWS 1130 that they are proud to have served, and grateful for the public show of support

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — 99-year-old Paul DeLorme, a Métis soldier who was captured at Dieppe in 1942, remembers losing friends on the beach and burying fellow soldiers following failed escape attempts from Prisoner of War Camps.

He is one of the Veterans marking Remembrance Day at Victory Square in Vancouver Monday.

“I didn’t realize what was ahead of me. I had lost my parents and I was more or less a lonely child,” he says. “My experience taught me a lot of things. I didn’t know very much before joining the army.”

He was captured and held for three years, and forced to work in mines. He describes his experiences in a book called A Métis Man Goes to War. 

“I’m proud that I went to Dieppe, very proud,” he says. “We all fought for what we have today.”

The annual ceremony at Victory Square is led by a procession of veterans.

“I’m very proud that I survived, and I’m very proud to see all the people respecting us,” says Frank Wilson who fought in the Polish Armed Forces in World War Two.

He came to Canada after he was honourably discharged in 1948, a decision he says he was “a very, very smart move.”