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Coast Guard investigating sheen at English Bay

Last Updated Nov 14, 2019 at 5:42 pm PDT

A fuel spill in English Bay is being investigated by the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada. (Darren Grieve, NEWS 1130)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A small fuel sheen has been spotted in English Bay and the Coast Guardd says it hasn’t reached shore and should dissipate on its own.

The Coast Guard and Transport Canada say it appears to be just over 200 litres  – that’s four times the size of a car’s gas tank.

Darren Grieve in the NEWS 1130 AirPatrol says the spill is just off of the shore at Locarno Beach.

“It’s certainly far away from where all the tankers are in English Bay, I don’t see any sign of a cleanup crew or the source of where the fuel may have come from,” he says. “It doesn’t appear that it actually came from the tankers themselves.”

The Coast guard says there’s no indication that the “product” will reach shore.

“The spill appears to be a non-recoverable sheen. A “sheen” is a very thin layer of pollutant floating on the water surface,” says Michelle Imbeau, a spokesperson for the Coast Guard. “Sheens dissipate through evaporation and wind/tidal action.”