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Famous Canadian dads open up about parenting in the new book, Forty Fathers

Last Updated Nov 24, 2019 at 2:50 pm PDT

Forty Fathers: Men Talk About Parenting book cover SOURCE: Douglas & McIntyre

It's your chance to get some fatherly advice from some famous Canadian dads

Forty Fathers: Men Talk About Parenting includes advice from Justin Trudeau, Trevor Linden, and Rick Hansen

The Vancouver book launch is set for November 28 at The Terminal City Club

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s your chance to get some fatherly advice from some famous Canadian dads. It’s all in the new book, Forty Fathers: Men Talk About Parenting.

Victoria-based author Tessa Lloyd has more than 30 years experience as a counselor working with children and families.

She says the book was inspired, in part, by the difficult relationship she had with her own dad.

“I had a rather rough childhood with a father who was detached and angry and family life for me was incredibly tense,” she recalls.

Then, when her two sons-in-law were about to become dads, she wanted to give them a book that would inspire them, so she decided to come up with her own resource.

“It’s really personal stories that I think that they would most connect with and personal stories from men that they know and respect would be well received, was my impression,” she says.

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Indeed, there are famous Canadian dads of every stripe in Forty Fathers: including Trevor Linden, Rick Hansen, and Vikram Vij, as well as Justin Trudeau, and the Mulroney brothers, Ben and Mark.

Lloyd says choosing who made the cut was a lot like putting together a choir.

“Okay, I’ve got lots in the tenor section, I need a bit more of the baritone section. I didn’t know initially how it would all turn out. It was just one father at a time.”

She admits there are few dads she couldn’t get and some who backed out at the last minute.

“It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea,” she says. “There were a number of men that I would have dearly loved to include who just weren’t willing.”

When it comes to Canadian dads, they don’t get much more famous than Justin Trudeau.

Lloyd says the Prime Minister learned some important lessons from his dad about work-life balance.

“Weekday evenings, the Prime Minister of Canada was not available because he was swimming, reading, and doing homework with his children,” she explains.

Lloyd also found Trudeau, like many of the dads in the book, has learned parenting must a partnership.

“You have to discuss roles and responsibilities and not split everything along narrow, gender lines.”

She hopes if there is one takeaway from the book, it’s this: “I would just hope that this book will encourage people to think about their parenting more consciously.”

Forty Fathers:  Men Talk About Parenting is available from Douglas and McIntyre.

The Vancouver book launch is set for November 28 at The Terminal City Club.