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Giant spinning chandelier unveiled under Granville Street Bridge

Last Updated Nov 27, 2019 at 10:11 pm PDT

(Image via Travis Prasad, CityNews)

People braved the cold under the Granville Street bridge Wednesday nigh to see the unveiling of a major public art piece

A giant spinning chandelier made of LED lights and plastic crystals is now complete

The chandelier is worth nearly 5-million dollars and was funded by Westbank

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – After weeks of construction and years of planning, a giant chandelier under the Granville Street bridge has been officially unveiled Wednesday night.

It’s four metres wide, eight metres tall and made up of LED lights and plastic crystals.

Eric Fredrickson with the city says it’s not just its size that makes it stand out.

“Twice a day at this point, the lights will all go on and it will descend from its spot under the bridge. It will slowly begin spinning. As it picks up speed the crystals will all splay out and create this moment of spectacle underneath the bridge.”

Frederickson explains why the piece was installed.

The city since 1991 has required developers who are rezoning properties over 100-thousand square feet to provide public art as a condition of that rezoning. Or they can put money into a fund at the city that we can commission work through. All major developments have that requirement.

The chandelier worth almost 5-million dollars was funded by Westbank, the development company behind Vancouver House.