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'Get off my weapon': Video captures police struggle with man accused of exposing himself on Vancouver bus

Last Updated Dec 6, 2019 at 7:17 pm PDT


The VPD arrested a man onboard a 99 bus on Thursday night, who allegedly reached for an officer's gun

The incident temporarily disrupted traffic, and delayed transit

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A frightening moment for some people taking the bus in Vancouver on Thursday night was caught on camera.

Vancouver police say they were responding to calls suggesting a man had exposed himself on the bus. A 32-year-old male passenger apparently refused to leave and became aggressive, then allegedly hit a VPD officer in the face. He also apparently tried to disarm the officer by trying to grab his gun, unsuccessfully, but he was able to take the officer’s baton.

Video sent to NEWS 1130 captured the struggle between VPD officers and the man onboard a parked 99 B-Line bus in the area of Heather Street and Broadway.

One piece of footage shows a relatively calm scene at first, before commotion erupts and passengers can be seen scurrying away.

“Get off my weapon!” a voice is heard saying, as officers continue to struggle.

A second video, this time taken from outside the bus, shows a crowd standing around the B-Line, and officers running into it.

“Get down!” someone can be heard yelling from inside, along with some muffled conversation.

Meanwhile, a voice is heard saying “He’s grabbing for the officer’s weapon,” behind the camera.

After a few minutes of footage, passengers can be heard talking about a possible weapon.

“That’s not very smart,” one woman says, while another passenger adds,”I think the guns do have a security thing, it will not be triggered that easily.”

The video shows a man being led off the bus in handcuffs, surrounded by several officers.

The VPD says no one was hurt and that a man was taken to jail.

“Our officers put themselves at risk every day for the safety of the public,” says Const. Tania Visintin with VPD in a news release. “This incident is an example of the bravery our members display daily.”

The incident temporarily disrupted traffic, and delayed transit. The matter is now under investigation.