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Rebecca Bligh resigns from NPA after members elect an anti-SOGI executive to board

Last Updated Dec 8, 2019 at 11:36 am PDT

FILE: Surrey councillors Laurie Guerra and Steven Pettigrew (centre) pose with seven other city council candidates at an anti-SOGI post-election party in Surrey at the John Volken Academy, Nov. 6. 2018 (Lauren Boothby, NEWS 1130)

Vancouver city councillor Rebecca Bligh has resigned from the NPA over revelations board executives have anti-SOGI ties

Phyllis Tang (Treasurer) and Ray Goldenchild (Secretary) both attended a secret anti-SOGI meeting in November 2018

Bligh says opposing SOGI is against her core values

Editor’s Note: A previous version of our story incorrectly identified Ray Goldenchild as having attended an anti-SOGI meeting. This is incorrect. We apologize for the error. 

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – NPA Vancouver city councillor Rebecca Bligh has resigned from the party over revelations a newly-elected executive board member who has ties to anti-SOGI groups.

Bligh will remain on council as an independent member.

She says opposing SOGI 123, an LGBTQ-inclusive education resource used in B.C. schools, is opposed to her core values.

“I joined the NPA because I believe in non-partisan local government that is socially progressive and fiscally responsible. The NPA Party has historically represented these values and stood for inclusion. My fellow members of the NPA Caucus and our supporters are aligned with our values that we share when it comes to inclusion and we support SOGI and the LGBTQ2+ community,” she said in a statement.

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“In light of the newly elected executive to the NPA Board having any affiliation with anti-SOGI is against the core values that I hold dear to my heart. There is no debate when it comes to inclusion.”

Phyllis Tang attended a secret meeting opposing SOGI 123 in November 2018, where NEWS 1130 was undercover.

Tang, who attended the secret meeting and was endorsed by the social conservative Let’s Vote Association, has been elected Treasurer. Tang ran unsuccessfully for a spot on Vancouver city council with Yes Vancouver in 2018. She is pictured on the far right of the photo above.

Ray Goldenchild has been elected NPA Secretary.

NEWS 1130 has reached out to Tang for comment.

Jesse Johl, Vancouver 1st party founder and 2018 city council candidate, also ran for an executive NPA position but was unsuccessful. He too attended the secret meeting after failing to win a seat, and was also endorsed by Let’s Vote. He is pictured wearing a red shirt in the photos above.


Newly-elected NPA executive:

  • Ray Goldenchild – Secretary (three-year term)
  • Phyllis Tang – Treasurer (one-year term)

Newly-elected NPA board members:

  • David Chen (two-year term)
  • Jane Frost (three-year term)
  • Dave Pasin (three-year term)
  • Virginia Richards (three-year term)
  • Marie Rogers (two-year term)
  • Corey Sue (one-year term)
  • Ryan Warawa (one-year term)
  • Christopher Wilson (two-year term)


Anti-SOGI photo

Others seen at the 2018 meeting include ousted federal 2019 Burnaby Conservative candidate Heather Leung (far left), Burnaby People’s Party of Canada candidate Alain Deng (second from right).

Surrey city councillors Laurie Guerra and Steven Pettigrew are in the centre.

Former Coalition Vancouver council candidate Morning Li was also endorsed by Let’s Vote – like the other candidates above – and is pictured in the top photo, third from the right.