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Neglectful or resourceful? Division online after dad asks if he can leave sleeping baby for the gym

Last Updated Dec 9, 2019 at 1:44 pm PDT

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A dad has taken to reddit to ask whether or not it's okay to leave his sleeping baby so he can go to the gym

The father, who is only identified as living in Canada, says he lives about 30 seconds from the gym

His question has divided the internet, with some saying he's resourceful and others siding with his ex-wife

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Your baby is asleep. You have the monitor on with you. Should you go to the gym?

That is the question that sparked a raging debate online, after a reddit post from a father who is only identified as being from Canada.

The man asks if he can leave his nine-month-old while she is sleeping to go work out, since the gym is only a “30 second walk” away from his patio door.

He says his baby monitor works just fine from that distance, and notes that he only goes to the gym while she’s asleep.

“I’ve only been doing this for [a] month and not once [has] she woken up while I was gone,” the man writes.

“…I grew up in Switzerland before moving to Canada and leaving children unattended at home is somewhat common, not quite a social faux-pas as it is here,” he continues, adding, “My ex-wife thinks this is the worst thing I can do to the child which I’m (sic) don’t agree with.”

His comments have the internet divided. In the thread, some reddit users have sided with him.

Reddit users Lexi2727 writes, “It (sic) no different from living in a big house and being down stairs while the baby is asleep upstairs,” however, they note that it shouldn’t be a problem if the baby monitor “definitely works.”

“NAh you have a baby monitor so you can hear if something happens,” overeasy11 says. “It would be the same as being in your backyard reading a book or entertaining guests with the monitor right beside you.”

However, others seem to agree with the father’s ex-wife, saying what he’s doing could mean the difference between life and death.

“Ok so if you’re 30 seconds away, and your child starts choking, or an intruder breaks in, that’s about 27 seconds later you’d be able to get to her than if you were in the apartment,” versacesnifferdog writes. “You only have your child 3 days a week, there are 4 other days to go to the gym.”

Others agree — if the dad only has the child a few nights a week, why not save the gym for the other days?

“The kid is sleeping, you have the monitor – your bases are covered,” PotatoPlata says. “Having said that, is this the hill you want to die on?” the reddit user writes, adding if the man’s ex is “that upset over it, maybe pick a more important battle?”

Since the dad only says he lives in Canada, it’s not known if he’s breaking any laws since they differ from province to province.