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No arrests, no charges five years after death of South Surrey teen

Last Updated Dec 13, 2019 at 12:30 pm PDT


It's been five years since the beating death of 15-year-old Dario Bartoli

Despite a lack of major updates in his case, Dario's mother says she's hopeful she'll one day get answers

There have been no arrests or charges in connection with Dario's death

SOUTH SURREY (NEWS 1130) – It’s been five years since a teen was brutally attacked and killed near a South Surrey park, and while there are still no significant updates to report, his mother is still hopeful.

June Iida said despite there being no arrests or charges laid in connection with her son Dario Bartoli’s death, she has been kept in the loop by investigators.

“What I can tell you is that the investigative team is still working very hard on Dario’s case,” Iida told NEWS 1130. “I do believe, one day, it will be solved.”

While she couldn’t get into any specifics, Iida said “there has been progress in the case.”

“It’s just so important for [investigators] to have all their ducks in a row, in terms of evidence, and I just have to have faith and believe that it will be solved,” she said.

Dario was with a friend when they were both brutally attacked near Bakerview Park in 2014. He died hours later at Peace Arch Hospital.

Despite the progress made, Iida admitted she won’t ever be completely satisfied until whoever is responsible is brought to justice.

“That’ll just be another whole journey for everyone, but I do believe, even though it’s taken so long, that there has been progress. Satisfied? I don’t know. That won’t be for some time,” she added.

Five years on, Iida said it’s still difficult to cope.

“It’s so hard,” she explains. “When I look at pictures of Dario, I still, it shocks me. It really does,” she said, her voice breaking. “I just look at his face and I just think, ‘wow, he’s not here.’ It’s just such a hard place to be… It’s hard to explain how I feel on a day to day.”

Horseback riding, and spending time with Dario’s childhood friends have helped her try to heal.

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Sgt. Frank Jang with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said that as it stands, IHIT is actively investigating Dario’s death.

“There are things happening on that file,” he said, adding there were no updates to share publicly. “But we want to reassure everybody that this investigation, certainly, hasn’t be shut. It is ongoing, we’re working on it.”

Jang appealed for anyone who has information to come forward to help in the investigation.

“Today, we’re just hoping that people would remember Dario,” he said on Friday. “It is the fifth anniversary since his homicide. We usually, around the time of anniversaries, when people’s memories are kind of rekindled and they think about the people who’ve lost their lives, we do see a spike, influx of information that comes in on investigations on anniversaries. So that’s what we’re hoping today, in his case.”

He would not hint if a significant update was imminent, but Jang added investigations can change within a day.

-With files from Alison Bailey and Sonia Aslam