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Public support for Vancouver mom filing bullying lawsuit against elite private school

Last Updated Dec 18, 2019 at 6:50 am PDT

Crofton House School in Vancouver. (Source: Google Maps)

Vancouver mom has come forward with claims her daughter was relentlessly bullied at Crofton House

A lawsuit claims the school did nothing to stop the behaviour that apparently drove daughter to suicidal thoughts

Crofton House says it disagrees with how the events have been characterized by the mother

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A mother from Vancouver is getting support from the public after going to the media with claims her daughter was the target of relentless bullying at an elite private school.

Natalie Boll’s lawsuit against Crofton House and petition are attracting a lot of attention, as are accusations her daughter was driven to suicidal thoughts after enduring more than a year of bullying at the school and through anonymous apps.

Boll says “the past 13 months have been hell for my family,” with her daughter targeted on apps like Tellonym and YOLO with messages like “KILL YOURSELF” and “DRINK BLEACH.”

According to Boll, the now-13-year-old girl overdosed in a school washroom and has been hospitalized twice for “self harming.”

“Over the summer, while we were abroad, my daughter started to get more messages on the YOLO app, including ones talking of gang rape. I immediately deleted the app and all the messages,” writes Boll on the petition she posted on Change.org, demanding apps that allow anonymous comments be banned. “No child should have to be subjected to this type of harassment.”

Boll and her husband’s Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of support for the family, but also include some accusations from others claiming to have been targets of or witness to bullying at Crofton House dating back to the 1970s, portraying a climate of elitism, bullying, racism and homophobia.

In an emailed statement to some media outlets, the school says it disagrees with how the events in Boll’s case have been characterized and it will provide a robust defence against the accusations.