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Staying green after Christmas festivities wrap up

Last Updated Dec 25, 2019 at 9:49 am PST

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Recycling Council says with unwrapping presents under the tree Wednesday, it's important to try to cut down on waste

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As you finish unwrapping your Christmas presents, it’s time to think about actually getting rid of your trash.

Harvinder Aujala with the Recycling Council of BC says a lot of wrapping paper is heading to the landfill.

“If it’s 100 per cent paper, it can definitely go in with your curbside blue box recycling. If it is like a mylar, like that almost shiny metallic paper, that has to go to a depot,” she says.

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Aujala adds it’s not just paper that should be recycled. If you’re tossing out electronics, she says you should consider donating it to a charity instead.

“If your old one is still in good and working condition, consider finding a friend or family member who might want to use it. Or consider donating it to an agency that can redistribute it.”

Lastly, she says it’s essential to remember to correctly dispose of your food waste if you’re hosting any dinner parties.

“You can use real napkins, real utensils, and you don’t have to dispose of any of those products at the end. Food items that you can’t give away and aren’t edible, instead of putting those in the garbage, make sure you are composting those and keeping them out of the landfill.”