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Legal edibles hit B.C. store shelves, but many pot shops have already run out

Last Updated Dec 27, 2019 at 11:21 am PDT


Cannabis edibles have finally hit some store shelves in B.C., but a number of pot shops have already run out

THC treat options are also limited as the government looks to gradually release all 260 registered products

The consumables are fairly low in THC content, so users can build up to their preferred highs

VANCOUVER – There are high expectations in store as edibles reach retail shelves in B.C., but your THC treat options are limited.

And limited is the key word. Legal edibles are now available in stores, but the majority of pot shops have already sold out.

Evergreen Cannabis in Vancouver is one of the last places in the Lower Mainland with some THC-infused treats.

“We got the edibles in Christmas Eve — it was another Christmas Eve miracle,” Stephen Lebovits, the general manager at Evergreen Cannabis, tells CityNews Vancouver. “So, last year, on Christmas Eve, we got our license to sell and this year we got it just under the deadline to receive edibles.”

Costing between $9 and $13 per pack, the deliver included mints, chocolate squares, chocolate chip cookies, and vaporizer cartridges.

The consumables are fairly low in THC content, so users can build up to their preferred highs.

“For instance, if you bought the cookies, you can get two chocolate chip cookies — each are five milligrams, which, personally, I think is really nice because for me five milligrams is where I start feeling a little bit of tingling, and like 35, 40 milligrams is where I tap out, where things start going a little wonky,” Lebovits explains. “So these are wonderful ways to start, because they give you an incremental way to find out what your sweet spot is.”

Some people tell CityNews they’re considering trying the edibles for the first time, now that they’re available legally. Others say they’ve already tried edible products, but are now able to purchase them from a pot shop.

“I’m 71 now and I worry about my lungs a little bit, so smoking, you know, maybe there’s alternatives to still getting the same ingredients without having to smoke it. I want to live to be 90 and then get killed by a jealous husband,” one customer jokes.

So far, there are 260 products registered for the initial release, however, only a small number of those are currently available in-store. Many will be released gradually throughout 2020.