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Clearing snow, ice from Vancouver sidewalks priority for vulnerable people: councillor

A woman shovels snow outside a business in Vancouver on Jan. 15, 2020. (Lasia Kretzel, NEWS 1130 photo)

Coun. Kirby-Yung wants staff to look at key areas for clearing sidewalks of snow and ice

Kirby-Yung argues the lack of snow removal can trap vulnerable people in their homes

The motion will be heard Tuesday

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Clearing snow from sidewalks should be part of Vancouver’s removal plan, according to one city councilor.

Coun. Sarah Kirby-Yung points to those who are most affected when pathways cannot be cleared, like seniors.

“The city, right now, has dedicated equipment to clear bike lanes. So the question I’m asking is can that same equipment do the adjacent pedestrian paths, so we don’t have that same frustration when people see a bike path cleared but the walking path next to it is not.”

She notes Vancouver has a program for people to clear private sidewalks outside their house, but Kirby-Yung wants the city to prioritize walking paths. She’s asking staff to look at identifying key areas for people walking and to find out what equipment the city would need to take care of snow and ice on them.

The City of Vancouver has more than 100 pieces of snow equipment to clear bike lanes with about 200 trained staff.

The motion will be heard Tuesday.