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Romance means staying at home for one in four B.C. couples: survey


A recent survey done for BC Hydro breaks down romance for couples in the province

One-in-four couples would rather stay in than go out for a fancy dinner

One-third of British Columbians also opt for a text to their partner rather than a greeting card

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Forget the intimate candlelit dinners — it seems many people will be staying in with their smartphones and TVs for Valentine’s Day.

A recent survey done by Majid Khoury for BC Hydro breaks down electricity use and romance for couples in British Columbia.

When it comes to going out, more than 25 per cent of couples would rather stay in. And people in a serious relationship enjoy screen time with their partner instead. At least 40 per cent of them just want to cook a meal and watch a movie, while another 17 per cent like to order-in and watch Netflix.

Last year on Valentine’s Day,¬†electricity use increased by about five per cent, compared to the same day the previous week.

The survey also found one-third of British Columbians will opt to text their partner a Valentine’s Day message instead of purchasing a greeting card.

BC Hydro has some advice to help save you some money on Valentine’s Day — if you are streaming a show, consider using a device other than a game console because they use 40 per cent more electricity compared to things like a smart TV. And cooking with smaller appliances, such as a slow cooker, use less than half the wattage of an electric oven.