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4/20 celebration may be affected by COVID-19: City Councillor

Last Updated Mar 10, 2020 at 10:18 pm PST

Vancouver's 4/20 event, aerial view. (Monika Gul, NEWS 1130)

Another event that might go up in smoke because of COVID-19 -- the 4/20 festival

Vancouver councillor Pete Fry says the city's worried about that many people sharing bongs, joints, and food

Fry says they have not spoken to organizers yet -- so at this point the event is still on

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130)– Vancouver City Councillor Pete Fry says he’s concerned about COVID-19 spreading at this year’s annual 4/20 celebration.

As more people are being told to stay away from large gatherings of people, 4/20 may be a hot spot for transmission of the coronavirus. Last year, around 65,000 people showed up on Sunset Beach for the festival celebrating all things cannabis.

“If we’ve got a lot of people who are sharing joints and bongs and what-have-you, are they sharing communicable viruses as well at the same time?” Fry asked, in an interview with CityNews Vancouver.

City of Vancouver officials have not met with 4/20 organizers yet, so at this point in time, the event is still going on.

“4/20 are intent upon holding their celebration at Sunset Beach again, and we’d like to have a more wholesome conversation with them around how we can manage that,” Fry said.

Fry said that calling the event off is pointless since people would just gather elsewhere anyways.