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Debunking coronavirus myths and hoaxes

The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located at Michael Garron Hospital on Coxwell Avenue as the Province of Ontario declares a state of emergency to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Toronto. March 17, 2020. GETTY IMAGES/The Toronto Star/Steve Russell

In today’s Big Story podcast, you’ve probably heard at least one of these. It might’ve sounded too good to be true. You might not have cared, so eager were you for something concrete in a world of chaos.

The Coronavirus isn’t the only thing spreading across the globe. As this pandemic grows, so does the sheer volume of disinformation. And all it takes to flourish is someone who wants to believe that a hair dryer can nuke this virus. And we’d all like to believe that, right? Today, we’ll set you straight.

GUEST: Jane Lytvynenko, senior disinformation reporter, BuzzFeed News

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