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Nanaimo couple back home from abroad settling in for self-isolation amidst COVID-19 rules

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The Federal government announced today that all travellers returning to Canada must now spend two weeks in isolation

A Nanaimo couple will now have to hunker down with their young kids after travelling to Australia

NANAIMO (NEWS 1130) – Jessica Krog-Irving and her husband Ray Irving had been following the COVID-19 developments while on a recent trip that took them through Australia.

They eventually reached a point where they knew they couldn’t take any risks, and decided to come back home.

“When Justin Trudeau told Canadians to get back, we started trying to book different flights,” she says. “Our March 29th flight was cancelled, so we drove to Brisbane and waited on standby. We were able to get a flight basically this morning, but with the time change we left Brisbane at 10:20 Wednesday, March 25th, and arrived in Canada on Wednesday morning at 7:30 on March 25th.”

Customs told the couple they’d need to be under quarantine, but it was unclear to them from customs just how ‘locked down’ they’d need to be.

They tell NEWS 1130 that they didn’t know there could be legal ramifications until they were in the car headed home.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking. We don’t want to make any missteps.” Krog-Irving said.

The couple and their three children live in the rural Black Creek area of Nanaimo and say it’s not so easy to go pick up groceries and supplies.

“Trying to keep them entertained in an area that has no wi-fi, TV or internet is a little daunting.” she adds.

“I think for awhile we knew we were going into two weeks of quarantine. I don’t think we ever had a thought that we wouldn’t be.” Ray told NEWS 1130.

However, the enforcement is stronger, based on what the federal government decided on Wednesday.

“I’m under the impression that the average citizen who is supposed to be social distancing is still allowed to go out for daily exercising and walk their dogs.” Krog-Irving said.  Ray tells NEWS 1130 he’ll be going back to working remotely.

As for the kids?

“Well we have some books, and some video games.” he says with a laugh. “Depending on the rules, hopefully we have some space to run around the yard and play. Hopefully the rules are conducive to that.”

Jessica is concerned – like many Canadians she has a family member – her mother – that is compromised in the immune system.

“I’m disappointed that it got to the point that isolation has to be enforced, and that people aren’t following the rules, but i’d like my mother to be protected.”