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New poll suggest Canadians living on edge financially as they wait for federal emergency aid

Last Updated Mar 28, 2020 at 2:26 pm PDT

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Canadians are feeling the pinch financially according to a new poll

The poll says Canadians are living on the edge financially as they wait for the federal emergency aid to come

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A new poll suggests the majority of those laid off because of the pandemic are the ones who can least afford to miss out on a paycheque.

The Angus Reed Institute surveyed over 1600 Canadians, and the numbers suggest the least financially equipped to deal with an economic downturn, are the ones being hit the hardest by layoffs.

Dave Korzsinski is a research associate with the Institute and says 44 per cent of people surveyed said that someone in their household had lost work due to the pandemic.

“People getting their wages covered is quite a rarity,” he says.

According to the study, over 60 per cent of those laid off were not being compensated during this time,

“The one demographic that really is disproportionately affected is younger workers who might be in more precarious positions, you know working a lot of service jobs,” Korzsinski says.

Many are worried about making rent or mortgage payments and one in 10 Canadians are considering turning to payday loans.

The poll suggests at least a third of people in every province are affected by layoffs.

The rate in Alberta is especially high at 50 per cent, with young people 18 to 24 being the most affected.