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What it’s like to have COVID-19 (but not get tested)

Registered nurse Jonathan Fisk, left, talks to a mother holding her child after he and RN Patrick LaFontaine, center, administered a COVID-19 test to a pre-screened pediatric patient outside a Children's Health PM Urgent Care facility, Thursday April 2, 2020, in Richardson, Texas. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Tony Gutierrez

In today’s Big Story podcast, the novel coronavirus presents in different ways for different people, and that means that experts think we’re likely missing lots of cases due to mild symptoms, test shortages or both. This, perhaps, includes our host. But it definitely includes today’s guest, who despite not being tested, due to not being at risk, was told by doctors that she had COVID-19, and then was told to go home and ride out the worst of it, unless she needed help breathing.

So what are the course of symptoms, day by day, for one healthy young woman hit hard by the virus? She’ll tell you, and also give you an idea of what to expect if you have to go through the process yourself.

GUEST: Meghan Kraft

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