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Home haircuts can quickly become a disaster, so why not do some good while holding off on the trim?


A Langley woman is challenging you to grow out your hair and consider doing some good with it when the pandemic is over

Wigs for Kids B.C. is hoping people will jump on to the movement so it can catch up and provide wigs for those in need

For some, a trim is a regular occurrence, so trapped at home, many have taken matters into their own hands

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Haircuts are something we never thought we’d have to face alone, but even B.C.’s provincial health officer has taken her hair maintenance into her own hands amid physical distancing measures.

But as many a hack-job take place in the home barber chair, one Langley woman is asking you to consider saving your locks.

While we stay home to battle COVID-19, there’s a little thing we can do to help cancer patients, says Linda Bellamy, who has donated her own hair three times.

“Why don’t we make this a fun kind of challenge, and have people grow their hair for making wigs and get more people involved and participate and do a good thing?” Bellamy says.

Wigs for Kids B.C. isn’t accepting donations due to the pandemic, but once the crisis subsides, operations will likely start back up.

Bev Friesen with the group hopes that once things get back to normal, people would have jumped on to Bellamy’s movement so they can catch up and provide wigs for those in need.

“So many parents and social workers and doctors tell us that it’s a huge part of a child’s recovery,” Friesen says. “When they leave the hospital, it’s difficult for them when they’re bald, and, quite often, they don’t want to go outside. They want to just be on their own. So, a wig gives them a chance to get out and be normal.”

For those opting to grow out their hair, there are a few things you need to keep in mind — mainly, length.

“We ask for a minimum of 10 inches long,” Cindy Yip, who owns Eva and Co. Wigs says. “Once it’s cut, you just tie the top end with an elastic and then you mail it to us.”

Although healthy, uncoloured hair is preferred, Yip notes highlights are fine. Eva and Co. Wigs doesn’t accept fully bleached hair.

And it’s not just women who can donate their hair — in fact, many men may have an advantage, Yip says.

“Guys have the best hair because it hasn’t been touched — what we call virgin hair — so that’s great,” she adds.

Bellamy is challenging her friends and family — and you — to take part in this movement. After all, you don’t have to worry about any social gatherings for the time being.

“Nobody’s going to see us and it’ll be amazing, and how much will your hair grow in three months — or however much time we’re going to be off on our isolation?” Bellamy says.