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As many businesses are forced online due to COVID-19 a new book helps guide that transition

See You On The Internet cover (Courtesy: John Ackermann, NEWS 1130 photo)

The current pandemic is proving to be a difficult time for businesses both large and small

This week on #1130bookshelf, John Ackermann speaks with Avery Swartz, author of See You On The Internet

Swartz speaks about the rush of businesses heading online amid the COVID-19 pandemic

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – “People ask me, ‘Oh my gosh, when you picked the title of your book, did you know?’ No, of course I did not know that a global pandemic was going to be upon us,” says Avery Swartz, author of See You on The Internet.

“Even though it was definitely very hard to launch a book in the middle of a pandemic, you know, all of my book tours and speaking tours have been cancelled, the book is still selling copies.”

The full title is See You On The Internet:  Building Your Small Business With Digital Marketing.

“This book actually comes from what I do in my professional life,” she explains.  “I ran a web design studio for over a decade, and then I started a company that does what we call technical workshops for non-technical people.”

While the book went to press well before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Swartz says the topic couldn’t be more timely.

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Having said that, she would have liked to have focused more on extraordinary situations like the one we find ourselves in now.

“They’re fair-weather tips,” she admits.  “They’re how to approach social media when the world is normal.  They’re not tips that are specific for if there’s a crisis going on.”

Her first piece of advice to those making a move to the online world: start small.  “Maybe just build an online store that sells gift cards and maybe your top 10 or top 20 best-selling products, and then you can always add more,” she says.

Swartz adds the biggest mistake is not knowing your audience.  “Any of big faux pas and stumbles and mistakes that I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks really all come down to that, that a brand was pushing out a message that just did not resonate.”

See You On The Internet is distributed by Raincoast Books.