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Motorbiking during pandemic given green-light by authorities

Last Updated Apr 12, 2020 at 9:00 am PDT

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Motorcyclist advised to social distance and be safe on the roads

Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, says they recommend keeping any group ride at five or below

The associations says the pandemic has taken a toll on organized motorbike events across Canada

GRANDE PRAIRIE, ALTA (NEWS 1130) — With temperatures on the rise, motorcycle riders who want to hit the open roads are being given the green-light — with some conditions.

Under the current rules, riding a motorcycle in groups isn’t a problem at this time, provided riders are social distancing, which is already required under the rules of the road.

However, Renee Charbonneau, head of the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association, says they’ve been advised by authorities that riding in groups of 5 or larger isn’t adviseable and that safe riding is critical.

“Please be cognizant of the potential that if you are in a motorcycle crash, you could be a burden on an already burdened emergency room.”

Charbonneau says riders should also think about whether the trip is necessary.

“Is the trip you’re going to take, is that gonna bring you into a position where you could bring harm to someone else by way of transmission, because — guess what — you end up in the hospital.”

Charbonneau notes that numerous annual motorcycle events across Canada have already been cancelled this year.

Charbonneau says the cancellation of the events is going to be a sizeable hit to the charities they sponsor, noting that organized motorbike rides across Canada last year raised around $13-million.