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Thermal camera helps detect body temperatures during pandemic


Columbia Security Systems & Surveillance introduced new camera able to detect body temperatures during pandemic

The camera can detect body heat from up to 30 people at a time

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A Vancouver-area company says it has brought a new tool to western Canada to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Columbia Security Systems & Surveillance has introduced the thermographic body temperature measurement bullet camera, which they say is the most advanced of its kind on the market.

“The system has two sensors built into it, one is optical and one is thermal. So as soon as someone walks into the detection area, the picture, it will start detecting your face temperature – not anywhere in the body, just the face,” says John Wu, the company’s director.

He explains the camera is capable of detecting temperatures of up to 30 people at the same time and can be used between nine and 30 feet away. And the camera does so in real-time, meaning it can find someone who might be sick before they disappear into a crowd.

“You would expect to see it in high-volume areas where you have access controls required – convention centres, airports, hospitals, even passengers coming onto a ferry would be a great place to have a system like this,” explains Ashley Meehan, vice president of Genesis Security.

The bullet camera is intended to scan crowds quicker than conventional forehead scanners while also eliminating risk to the person taking the temperature who would need to be in close proximity.

Sytems like this could be operational within the next week.