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Popular Vancouver gaming & sci-fi-themed bar to shut down indefinitely

Last Updated Apr 14, 2020 at 10:33 pm PDT


The Storm Crow Tavern says it's been struggling to get by during the COVID-19 crisis

'It's a sad day for us, our employees, and for our regular guests,' Storm Crow's owners say on Facebook

Restaurant attributes permanent closure to COVID-19 and an expiring lease in an aging building, set to be redeveloped

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – COVID-19 is partly to blame for yet another small business shutting down in Vancouver.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, sci-fi/fantasy/gaming-themed Storm Crow Tavern said its location along Commercial Drive would not be re-opening — even if the pandemic is resolved soon.

“The Tavern already had many challenges, such as an expiring lease in an aging building slated for redevelopment, and the coronavirus, for us and many other small restaurants, is a fatal blow while we’re already down.”

While this location will not reopen, the people at Storm Crow say they plan to “fight like hell” to reopen the other location at Broadway near Fir, as well as the Storm Crow Manor in Toronto.

Even so, the decision to close the location on The Drive is heartbreaking for the owners.

“It’s a sad day for us, for our employees, and for our regular guests. For over seven years, the Storm Crow Tavern has been a special place in our lives: more than just a ‘nerd bar,’ it was a neighbourhood haven for the misfits, the geeks, the oddballs and bohemians of Commercial Drive and Vancouver in general.”

Anyone with a Storm Crow gift card will be able to redeem them at the Alehouse once it reopens.

Additionally, the Tavern will be auctioning off its Storm Crow battleaxe to guests as a way to say thanks. Those who’d like to enter can do so on Storm Crow’s website. The winner will be chosen at random.

“The Tavern had an amazing run. And while it may be gone, other Storm Crows will rise, like those less-awesome phoenix-y birds, up from the ashes when this conflagration has ended.”

“Stay safe. Stay sane. We’ll see you all again one day.”