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Coronavirus and domestic violence: A meeting of two pandemics

Last Updated Apr 16, 2020 at 3:34 am PST

Photo Taken In Krakow, Poland/GETTY IMAGES

In today’s Big Story podcast, shelters and advocates and even governments have sounded the alarm about what our efforts to stay in our homes and battle coronavirus means for people who have an abusive partner. Many of the usual paths out of an awful situation have become much more complicated, if not impossible.

As we face potentially several more weeks of sheltering in place, how can we help people who are living with abuse and violence in the home? What’s the government doing to help them? How are shelters adapting to comply with social distancing? What needs to be done to protect people who are in vulnerable situations where they’re supposed to be staying for their own safety?

GUEST: Sarah Boesveld, reporter and guest-host of The Big Story

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