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Working from home after COVID-19 expected by most Canadians: poll

Last Updated Apr 17, 2020 at 5:52 pm PDT

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Most Canadians think they'll keep working form home even after pandemic: poll

Many people polled found it easier than expected to work from home

People miss interactions at work

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — As many people adjust to working away from the office, most Canadians believe they’ll continue to work from home even after the pandemic, according to a new poll.

Mario Canseco, President of Research Co., says 73 per cent of people polled think more people will be working from home after COVID-19 than before.

“There’s a lot of Canadians who think we may be reaching a point where some of the things we used to have before the COVID-19 outbreak are not going to come back in the same way. And this applies, definitely, to the way offices work,” he says.

Despite the other downfalls of being away from the office, Canseco says the majority of people polled hope to work from home more often after the pandemic.

“I think many of them are looking at this into the future and thinking once the schools are back on, it might be a lot of fun to try and stay here, to try and save time from the commute, and try to work from here,” he says.

“A lot of those working from home right now, who didn’t before, seem to be having a much easier time than expected. There’s 62 per cent of them who saying working from home has been easier than they thought.”

About 44 per cent of people say they actually miss commuting to work, but many say they miss interactions at the office the most after a month of working from home.

More than half of Canadians — 63 per cent —¬†also expect more companies to phase out business travel in favour of teleconferencing post-pandemic.