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Newfoundland woman, 92, celebrates recovery from coronavirus

Last Updated Apr 20, 2020 at 7:12 pm PST

There’s a picture online of a 92-year-old woman named Rita Hickey wearing a t-shirt that says “I kicked COVID-19’s ass.”

The picture can be found on her daughter Agatha Hickey’s Facebook account.  She posted the picture on April 16,  along with a thank you letter,  that talks about Rita’s journey to recovery.

Agatha has been living with Rita in Chapel’s Cove, N.L. since finding out she was positive for COVID-19.  Agatha was also tested at the same time as her mother, but her results were negative.

Agatha says her mom was one of the lucky ones with hardly any symptoms.

“Halfway through she started having days where she felt tired and couldn’t keep her head up,” Agatha said. “She had 3 or 4 days like that.”

During the two weeks in quarantine, she said many family members and friends visited but remained at a safe distance.

Agatha said she believes it was these visits at a distance that helped her mother recover.

“Mom had a lot of visitors, she had people coming to her window just to say hi and cheer her on,” said Agatha.

Rita says in the 92 years she’s been on this planet, COVID-19 was the scariest thing she’s had to face but said she refuses to let her ordeal bring her down.

Her advice to the public: simply stay home.