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Tech journalist: too early to determine how long we will rely on video chat services

Last Updated Apr 26, 2020 at 2:51 pm PDT

A POV photo of a group of people hanging out online on a video chat during a pandemic lockdown with a dog on the couch. (CREDIT: AJ_Watt/iStock)

Many of us are turning to video chat to stay connected during this period of physical isolation

A tech journalist asks whether this is a blip or if this is a new era for video chat apps?

Facebook says it's working on a service called Messenger Rooms

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Many of us are turning to video chat to stay connected during this period of physical isolation, but is video chatting in our lives for good, or will they fade out?

Tech journalist Igor Bonifacic with Engadget says it’s too early to tell if these services will stick since people might just be anticipating to finally be together again.

“You know, it’s just it’s so hard to know exactly what will happen. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say like most of us are probably excited to go back to face-to-face interactions and are ready to get away from a lot of these apps,” he says.

Bonifacic adds that the larger unknown question is whether with the pandemic forcing people to work from home, will it change the way we work after the COVID restrictions are lifted?

“Is there going to be some kind of like bigger paradigm shift where more and more people now that they found out that they can work from home are going to continue working from home?” he asks.

He adds video chat service companies are expanding to assist during the pandemic and “really is just a bunch of companies trying to capitalize on this moment.”

Just this week, Facebook announced it’s working on Messenger Rooms, a free service that will allow up to 50 people to video chat together.