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'It's just lazy and selfish': Vancouver councillor trashes people illegally dumping in Strathcona Park

Last Updated May 2, 2020 at 7:00 pm PDT

(Courtesy Twitter/PtFry)

Strathcona Park has seen dumps of residential garbage twice in the last two weeks

Coun. Pete Fry wants it to stop, saying everyone the city is facing enough stresses over health and safety amid COVID-19

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Vancouver councillor Pete Fry is fed up with garbage being dumped in the park he takes his dog to each day.

He took to Twitter Saturday morning to point out that Strathcona Park has seen dumps of residential garbage twice in the last two weeks.

“Mostly I was just highlighting how frustrating it is to see, especially at a time like now when everybody is making sacrifices, everybody’s stressed out,” he explains.

“As a local resident I just keep my dog away and keep moving. But as a city councillor I find it incredibly frustrating to think that — with all that’s going on across our city, and how much stress we’re all under, and how many resources we’re allocating to keep us all safe — that somebody could be so selfish,” he says.

The mess can’t be explained away as accumulated debris, according to Fry.

He says the pile of trash clearly came from someone’s home, was deliberately dumped and could have been safely disposed of at the Vancouver Transfer Station for about $20.

“We see illegal dumping throughout the city. That particular location sees its share of targeted illegal dumping,” he says. “It’s just lazy, and selfish, and we can do better as Vancouverites.”

Consequences for illegal dumping on City of Vancouver property can include a bylaw ticket ranging from $100 – $500.

Those caught can also be forced to clean up the waste themselves or pay for the city to do so.