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Training simulator might help police recertify while physically distancing

Last Updated May 4, 2020 at 11:27 am PDT

(Photo via Twitter: @deltapolice)

Police are required to recertify their skills annually

While physical distancing measures are in place, police are at risk of losing muscle memory

A new simulator might work to train police

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Practising a takedown while also physically distancing isn’t possible, and this could be a problem since police officers can’t recertify, as required.

Every year police need to prove they can do necessary things for the job like handcuffing or using a baton.

Norm Lipinski, the Deputy Police Chief in Delta, says this is for the safety of the community and the officers, since going a full year without the training, means they could forget how things are done.

For example, if police can’t practice how to use pepper spray, they may lose some of that muscle memory.

“That’s not a good scenario to be in when you have to do it in a matter of seconds,” he says.

However, a new training centre in Delta with an expensive simulator might be the answer to the problem, Lipinski says.

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The simulator has video screens designed to help with the use of force training, so now work is being done to determine how to use the technology safely.

“That’s a perfect example where there are minimal people in a room and one can still employ some of that training,” he says.

He says the five video screens could be the answer for at least some of the skills they need to practice.

Transit Police, West Vancouver, Port Moody, and New West also have access to the simulator.

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