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No 'rapid serial dating', B.C.'s top doctor says

Last Updated May 13, 2020 at 9:01 am PDT


Is dating in real life safe right now? B.C.'s top doctor says now's not the time to be 'rapid serial dating'

Dr. Bonnie Henry was asked to provide some advice to the singles of B.C. on Tuesday

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – Digital dating could see a reprieve as Dr. Bonnie Henry gives the OK to date “in person,” but asks British Columbians to keep it exclusive.

On Tuesday, Dr. Bonnie Henry was asked to provide some advice to the singles of B.C. — a question that appears to have caught her off guard.

“It’s an incredibly challenging time for all of us and when we don’t have people within our bubble, it can be even more lonely,” she sympathized.

“I think many people have adapted, I know, to online, and talking online, and to having encounters online, that can be quite, um, quite, helpful in that regard,” she explained in a stammered out response.

Henry noted, however, that people still need to be careful, stressing we’re still not at a stage where group gatherings are safe or acceptable.

“But, yes, we can look at: how do we connect with people? Those people that we have been talking to online, these are opportunities, but we need to be very careful about it and cautious about it and make sure that we do follow the guidance around cleaning our hands, etcetera,” she said, adding she was laughing because she was also thinking about the “young people” in her life who are afraid of “missing some of the occasions” to meet others.

“Yeah, we can do that, we have to do that, we’re social people, we need that. But let’s do it in small, thoughtful ways,” Henry said.

The provincial health officer announced last month that British Columbians would soon be able to expand their social circles slightly. However, by doing so, you need to make sure that those you’re bringing into your “bubble” are also limiting contact with others, Henry explained.

“If you are going to start a relationship with somebody, now’s not the time to do rapid serial dating,” she said, Tuesday.

“So, pick somebody, see if it works, and take your time. If you’re going to be pulling them into your small circle, then make sure you’re the only one in their circle, as well.”

As she’s said before, “The people I have contact with, it means that I’m contacting their contacts too.”

Henry warned there’s evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted to others even if we don’t realize we’re sick. Her recommendation, as it is for everyone, is to limit contact, and to put off meeting someone if you’re feeling the slightest bit unwell.

“This is a respiratory virus that spreads through droplets, so, yes, we’ve seen it with other diseases that can be spread this way,” Henry said. “So, yes, I would expect that if somebody was sick with it and they were kissing somebody else, they could actually, quite effectively pass it on that way.”

-With files from Mike Hall