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After spending 69 days apart, couple reunites at Peace Arch

Last Updated May 23, 2020 at 10:49 am PDT

FILE: A Canadian man and his American fiancee used a unique loop-hole to reconnect Friday, May 22. (Courtesy: Dan Singh)

A Canadian man, his American fiancee have been reunited this weekend

Dallas Singh says all said and done, he and his fiancee were apart for 69 days because of the ongoing border closure

He says they were able to make this weekend work because Peace Arch is a very unique border crossing

SURREY (NEWS 1130) — One cross-border couple has used a unique loophole to re-connect after being separated for more than two months because of COVID-19.

Delta resident Dallas Singh says he wasn’t able to see his fiancée, Amy Flett, who lives in Marysville, Washington, for 69 days because of the border closure.

So the two decided to meet at the Peace Arch Park Friday.


“The lines for the borders are staggered — unlike truck crossing or Pac[ific] highway, where the borders are one straight line — these are segregated as most people know there’s a big grass part in the centre, in which people can come and meet in the centre, without ever having to cross any sort of country’s official border crossings,” he tells NEWS 1130.

“So we met together and gave probably the longest hug that we’ve ever had in our relationship. A hug and kiss, and I bought some lunch, and she brought some dessert. We had a picnic and we just hung out.”

Initially, once the pandemic impacted border crossings and travel, Singh says the restrictions came as a surprise.

The couple made a plan that Flett, who had the flexibility to work from home, could visit Singh. But once borders close to non-essential travel, the couple’s plan was scrapped.

Once Provincial Parks on May long weekend opened, Singh got the idea from his friend to finally reunite with his fiancée.

While Singh encourages others to use this loophole to meet their family, partners or friends across the border, he advises to keep health officials’ advice in mind still and take the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe.

He adds his heart goes out to others who are in a similar situation and is encouraging them to give his idea a shot.

“Even chatting every single day on FaceTime and messenger and all that sort of stuff which is great, but it’s nothing like doing it, you know, face to face, and so you know my heart goes out to people that are long, long-distance … So my heart goes out to them.”