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Vancouver teacher suspended again after kids told to 'go back to working on rice farms'

Last Updated May 27, 2020 at 12:07 pm PDT


A Vancouver teacher has been suspended for three days after sexually explicit, racist, and violent comments

This is not the first time the science teacher has been suspended

Hundreds of homophobic, transphobic, sexist, and racist memes were found on the Vancouver teacher's computer

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A former high school teacher who made sexually explicit, racist, and violent comments toward students has received a three-day suspension.

Klaus Hardy Breslauer’s teaching licence is invalid from Wednesday until Friday after the commissioner for teaching in B.C. released on Tuesday their judgement on Breslauer’s behaviour, detailing how he was negative, aggressive, and racist toward students.

According to Howard Kushner’s report, Breslauer made disparaging comments toward many of his students, and in one case even told exchange students “they should go back to working on rice farms.”

“He told a student whose father was from Iran that, in Iran, if you do not get good marks, you get sent out into the minefields,” the report adds, citing other inappropriate comments made.

The decision outlines a number of events, which date back to the 2017-2018 school year, including Breslauer frequently discussing his personal life during class. That “included making comments to the students about his family, his previous job as a bouncer, gambling, his travels, paranormal activity and his sex life,” Kushner’s report reads.

Breslauer resigned from his role with the Vancouver School Board in 2018 and is now listed as a self-employed “deep learning” expert on LinkedIn.

The commissioner has the ability to cancel teachers’ licenses, but chose to suspend Breslauer’s temporarily in this case.

Hundreds of memes, some of which Breslauer is said to have made, were also found on his school-issued computer, the judgement reads, “and many of which were homophobic, transphobic, sexist, and racist.” He is said to have shared many of these images with his students.

The Ministry of Education issued a statement about Breslauer.

“There is no place in B.C. classrooms for racism and intolerance. All schools must be safe places for students to learn and grow, where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated,” says the statement.

“The Commissioner for Teacher Regulation addresses complaints about teachers’ conduct or competence in both the public and independent school systems independently, fairly, and in the public interest. Following a previous discipline process, the teacher attended counselling, anger management courses, and a diversity and inclusion program, as was ordered by the commissioner.
The teacher resigned from his position from Vancouver school board.”

The Vancouver educator has been suspended without pay twice before for making “discriminatory offensive and threatening” comments to students and using physical force against another.

“When the Vancouver School District received a complaint, this individual was immediately held out of service pending an investigation,” says a release from the district.

“At an investigation meeting, the individual resigned.”

The district adds it took all immediate and necessary steps to inform the Teacher Regulation Branch.

Read the full ruling: