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If everything’s opening up, why am I so anxious?

In today’s Big Story podcast, three months ago, Canadians were asked to adapt to a ‘new normal’. We were told to stay inside, avoid contact with others, and limit trips to the bare necessities. It was awful, and scary, but we did it. Now, as case numbers of COVID-19 decline across the country, we’re opening things back up—stores, parks, salons…even daycares. And some of us are anxious about returning to the world.

What has the past three months done to our brains and the levels of anxiety we live with? Why have some people struggled to cope with isolation, while others are nervous to resume daily life? What will the long-term legacy of the pandemic on Canadians’ mental health look like? And what are some coping strategies we can use if we’re having trouble?

GUEST: Judith Law, executive director of Anxiety Canada

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