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DOXA Documentary Film Festival moving online due to pandemic

Last Updated Jun 20, 2020 at 2:41 pm PDT

(Courtesy: DOXA Documentary Film Festival

A Vancouver film festival had the foresight to move its programming online back in March

Now that the show has moved online they are still dealing with a number of issues

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A Vancouver Film Festival is moving online this year due to COVID-19.

Selina Crammond, Director of Programming at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, says a big chunk of revenue was lost when they decided to move online because of a loss of sponsor — funding and a reduction in ticket sales — since they lowered the price due to the online nature of the festival.

“I think overnight, we were looking at about a quarter of our, or possibly even a third, of our entire operating budget was just sort of out the window so that was pretty scary and it made us all a little nervous,” she says.

And according to Crammond many contract staff were also let go due to the event being delayed but the DOXA festival has brought back some staff now that many of those let go qualify for CERB.

“And since making the transition to online, we’ve been able to bring some more folks on board to help us execute this new version of the festival,” Crammond tells NEWS 1130.

While the intimate nature of the festival can no longer occur in person, there are systems in place to keep the films for B.C.

“We still really do require a certain level of security and part of part of our planning with the festival required that all films are screened. All film screened online or geo-blocked to British Columbia is only accessible by residents of the province here.”

The festival began June 18 and goes until June 26.