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Students to analyze impacts of COVID-19 through groundbreaking course offered at UBC

Last Updated Jun 30, 2020 at 1:15 am PST


A new course launches at UBC next month that will cover the impact that COVID-19 has had on our lives

Discussions will be based on social change and systemic racism

The course is full for July, with a waiting list for the September offering

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — The University of British Columbia is now offering a new course aimed to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus.

From home, UBC sociology professor Katherine Lyon has been working to develop a new course called “COVID-19 and Society.”

“I think it provides a unique lens. Shows social equality, social institutions, social change, and what you can do in the community as the pandemic progresses,” Lyon tells NEWS 1130.

As the virus continues to evolve, the university is calling the class the first course of its kind in Canada.

“I hope the course continues to change because I’m researching every day, so the September course could look very different from today,” Lyon says.

The course will allow students to explore how the pandemic intersects with race, gender, class, age, and sexuality – how society responds to social change – and much more.

“We consider things like not just should you wear a mask but where does it come from and how does it affect workers down the supply chain in poorer countries and with less labour laws? We’re asking how are we disposing of masks? And how can we contribute to that?”

The course will kick off this summer and again in the fall.

So far, over 270 students have signed up for the summer online course.

“I think it’s really promising that these young people are interested in learning more and students will be equipped to make meaningful change in their communities,” Lyon adds.