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Armed man arrested after entering grounds of Rideau Hall

Last Updated Jul 2, 2020 at 8:26 am PST

An armed man who entered the grounds of Rideau Hall, where the prime minister, his family, and governor general are living, has been arrested. (Chris Kurys, 1310 NEWS)

An armed man's been arrested after entering the grounds of Rideau Hall

The prime minister, his family, and the governor general currently live on the Rideau Hall grounds; they were not home

It's unclear who the suspect is or what any possible motive might be

OTTAWA – One person has been arrested after police say an armed man entered the grounds of Rideau Hall, early Thursday morning.

The Rideau Hall estate is home to the governor general, as well as the prime minister and his family, temporarily — all of whom were not on the premises at the time.

The Trudeaus were at a cottage at Harrington Lake to celebrate Canada Day.

Police officers still have the area cordoned off but say the suspect was taken into custody “without any incident.”

“He is currently in custody and is being interviewed,” the RCMP writes on Twitter. “We are not releasing his identity at this time as charges are pending.”

Mounties say the man entered the grounds just before 7:00 a.m. and was arrested shortly after.

Police would not say how the man got in but a section of the heavy wrought iron fencing at one of the visitor entrance gates was seen bent inward with debris strewn over a pathway behind it.

Farther up the path, two robots were sent to probe a dark pick up truck, which has been a point of interest for investigators.

A sniffer dog was also spotted on scene on Thursday.

Police have not revealed the suspect’s identity or a possible motive at this time.