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Motion to ban street checks delayed two weeks by Vancouver City Council

Last Updated Jul 8, 2020 at 12:17 pm PDT

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A motion that called for the end of police street checks has been delayed by two weeks, a decision that’s leaving one city councillor frustrated – and worried about impacts to Black and Indigenous communities.

The delay sparking anger from a City Councillor Christine Boyle, and advocates.

“The evidence is clear that they disproportionately affect Black and Indigenous and racialized residents. And I’d like to see them ended as well,” she says.

Boyle is the blaming a two-week delay on banning street checks on intentional time-wasting actions by other council members.

She says this leads to a lack of clear action to address systemic racism, despite people asking for change.

“These are critical issues that the public has been telling us loudly and clearly they want us to be discussing and moving forward on,” she says.

Councilor Lisa Dominato tells NEWS 1130 she stood in opposition of making the decision before hearing a multitude of speakers on the subject.

“When we have 50 plus speakers who sign up, that’s indicative that this was an important issue to the public and I think it’s important that council listens to the public on these issues.”

Lama Mugabo is the Director of Hogan’s Alley Society, one of 73 BC organizations that are calling on the Vancouver Police Board and Province to ban street checks.

He says he feels confident the motion will pass banning street checks.

“As you can imagine, several organizations and individuals across British Columbia. Were all speaking in unison. To call for a band of this street check policy.”

BC Civil Liberties Association, Black Lives Matter-Vancouver, Hogan’s Alley Society, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and WISH Drop-In Centre Society are the five organizations shedding light on the ban and are also launching an online petition, “encouraging individuals to join the call for an immediate ban on police street checks in Vancouver and across BC.”

Another motion aimed at creating community-led safety initiatives was also delayed for two weeks.