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Stockwell Day hired at Vancouver company weeks after resignation over comments on racism

Last Updated Jul 10, 2020 at 11:59 am PDT

FILE - Former MP Stockwell Day in the House of Commons. (Facebook)

Soon after being ousted from previous jobs for questionable comments, former Conservative MP Stockwell Day has a new gig

Day has been appointed to the board of Vancouver-based First Responders Technologies

Day was forced to resign from Telus for comparing his childhood bullying to enduring racism

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Just weeks after being ousted from his previous jobs for comparing his childhood bullying to enduring racism, former Conservative MP and cabinet minister Stockwell Day has a new gig.

Day has been appointed chairman of the board of First Responders Technologies Inc., a Vancouver-based company that develops WiFi-based technologies designed to detect concealed weapons.

In announcing his appointment, the company’s CEO, Robert Delamar, says Day “brings a wealth of external and internal experience.”

Day’s new job comes just weeks after he was forced to resign from the board of Telus after publicly suggesting on a CBC show that racism is the equivalent of the struggles with teasing he faced as a child for wearing glasses. He argued Canada does not suffer from systemic racism.

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Day also resigned from his role as a strategic advisor at McMillan LLP, a business law firm.

In a statement, Day says he is honoured to take on the new role with the Vancouver company.

“With incidents of shootings and terrorist attacks in public, commercial and residential spaces on the rise, the implementation of concealed weapons detection technology solutions has become a necessity for governments, law enforcement, security agencies, landlords and homeowners,” he says.

“While these solutions have the real potential to increase public safety, they must be balanced with a commitment to privacy so that citizens may go about their business without fear of racial, religious or socio-economic profiling; personal intrusion, including loss of liberty and privacy; and/or powerful, rapidly changing technology falling into the wrong hands.”

-With files from Martin MacMahon and Mike Hall