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OMNI Television tackles discrimination in 'Ending Racism: What Will it Take?' follow specials

Last Updated Jul 17, 2020 at 11:45 am PDT


OMNI Television will air follow-up episodes to the 'Ending Racism: What Will it Take?' special that ran last month

The follow-up episodes will deal with racism and shadeism in the South Asian community

OMNI will run Punjabi and Italian episodes as part of the follow-up series

TORONTO – The discussion on systemic racism in Canada continues after the success of Rogers Sports & Media’s multi-platform, prime-time special last month.

OMNI Television will be airing follow-up episodes to complement the “Ending Racism: What Will it Take?” special, which aired in June across all of Rogers’ platforms.

The focus has been on race inequalities faced by Canada’s Black and Indigenous communities. However, this time there is a Punjabi episode, dealing with racism and shadeism in the South Asian community.

“Hosted by Focus Punjabi’s Radhika Sharma, Ending Racism: What Will it Take? examines how Canada’s South Asians are showing their support for Black Lives Matter, while also reflecting on ongoing racism and shadeism within the South Asian community,” OMNI TV’s website explains. “Sharma, along with the OMNI News: Punjabi Edition team of reporters, explores such topics as inequality in local youth sports, and how South Asian parents can have healthy discussion on racism with their kids.”

Community activists, business leaders, and “everyday Canadians” will also be featured to talk about their own personal experiences with racism. They will offer their ideas to tackle the issue and “work towards meaningful change.”

There will also be an Italian episode dealing with white privilege and how to be an ally.

The Punjabi program will air at 7:30 p.m. ET Friday, and the Italian program is scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m. ET Friday.

Rogers is the parent company of this station.