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Most Canadians, Americans unwilling to travel until COVID-19 vaccine: poll

Last Updated Aug 1, 2020 at 12:30 am PDT


The type of travel most likely to be avoided until there is a vaccine is getting on board a cruise ship

The way Canadians are most willing to travel is by ferry, 49 per cent of people in B.C. are wiling to get on board

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A new survey suggests a full rebound of the tourism industry won’t be possible until there is a COVID-19 vaccine.

The majority of Canadians and Americans expressed unwillingness to travel in nine different ways, according to a Research Co. Poll released Friday.

The type of travel most likely to be avoided until there is a vaccine is getting on board a cruise ship. Thirteen per cent of Canadians are willing to do so, and this number rises to 21 per cent among Americans.

Ferry trips enjoyed the most favour among Canadians, with 35 per cent overall saying they were willing to travel this way.

Mario Canseco, President of Research Co, says those number jump in provinces where ferries are more common.

“There’s a couple of things that are quite unique about British Columbia when we’re looking at these findings. The number of residents who are willing to take a ferry trip is 49 per cent. almost tied with Atlantic Canada for the highest in the country,” he says.

“If there’s one thing we can still do, and it’s safe and will keep us in our own province — it’s to hop on a ferry. And, there’s half of B.C. residents who say, ‘I’m willing to do this even if there’s no vaccine available.'”

He says there is also a gender gap among respondents.

“Men are saying ‘I think I’ll be fine flying within my own province.’ Women are saying ‘Well, you’re going to go alone because I’m not joining you.'”

Across Canada, a trip stateside is off the table for most.

“When it comes to the United States — definitely a fear. Seventeen per cent of Canadians are saying that they are willing to take an airplane flight to the United States before a COVID-19 vaccine is found. The numbers are definitely consistent throughout the entire country,” Canseco says.

The likelihood of taking a plane to another continent is slightly higher at 21 per cent, and willingness to get on airplane travelling with the province rises to 32 per cent.

Overall, Canseco says the results paint a bleak picture for the travel and tourism industries.

“It’s definitely a situation that can be cumbersome for the tourism industry,” he says.

“They have so many would-be visitors saying that hey don’t want to get out because there’s no vaccine yet”